As the longest-standing and most highly regarded technical conference serving the produced water management industry, the Produced Water Society Annual Seminar has always been a key opportunity for businesses and operators to learn about the best practices, new technologies, and new approaches that are shaping their industry. Not only that – the Seminar also proactively develops and determines the future of produced water management practices globally. After the challenges of the past year there has never been a more important time to understand how the sector is changing, and what new solutions are being enabled.

By joining the Produced Water Society Seminar you gain access to an expert network of produced water and oil & gas professionals, making it an essential event to develop and build critical business contacts and to keep abreast of the trends and challenges.

The PWS Seminar 2021 will maintain its usual wide-ranging agenda, while being tailored to the unique challenges that industry currently faces. Topics to be addressed include produced water issues in key geologies including offshore, onshore, conventional and unconventional operations, as well as challenges in economics and financing of midstream water.

The Produced Water Society Seminar is a unique gathering point for technical excellence. Renowned for gathering the leading water treatment experts from around the world to discuss developments in technology, handling processes, and operations, the Seminar connects you with new potential partners and customers, and broadens your network both nationally and internationally.