Day 1

February 12, 2020

Please note that this agenda is subject to change as speakers are confirmed.


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Opening Keynote

Bill Zartler, CEO, Solaris Midstream

Evolution and Trends in US Oilfield Water Infrastructure


One-2-One Networking & Coffee Break


Strand 1: Unconventional

Session 1 - Do We Need a Water Recycling Water Quality Guideline?

Session Chair:

Morris Hoagland, Jade Dragon


Trading Water at Terminals, Aaron Horn, XRI

Ron Bosch, Halliburton
Clay Maugans, Select Energy Services
Ramesh Sharma, ConocoPhillips
Joe Titzer, Gravity 
John Walsh, Worley
Rick McCurdy, RMC3

Strand 2: Conventional/Regional

Session 1 - Heavy Oil and California PW Issues and Treatment

Session Chair:

Arian Edalat, Pacifica Water Solutions


Produced Water: A New California Resource: Overview of CRC’s Mt. Poso Produced Water Reuse Project, Anthony Brown, Aquilogic

Produced Water Management Strategies at California Resources Corporation (CRC), John Ocana, CRC

Produced Water Qualities Across California Oilfields and Impacts on Design of Advanced Treatment Processes for Beneficial Reuse, Arian Edalat, Pacifica Water Solutions

Water Treatment Processes for Oilfield Steam Injection, Craig Pauley, Chevron

Strand 3: Innovation

Session 1 - Innovations in Advanced Produced Water Treatment

Session Chair:

Cindy Pena, Select Energy Services
Ben Samuels, Source Rock Midstream


Fit-for-purpose Treatment of Produced Water With Iron and Coagulant for Reuse in Hydraulic Fracturing: Temperature Effects on Aggregation and High-rate Sedimentation, Shankar Chellam, Texas A&M

Short Trains for Produced Water Treatment and Pretreatment: Development and Implications, Tzahi Cath, Colorado School of Mines

Innovations in Practice in New Mexico, Mike Hightower, University of New Mexico

Collaborative Technology Horizon Scan (HS): Produced Water Treatment,  Carles Crespo, Isle Utilities


30th Anniversary Presentation




Strand 1: Unconventional

Session 2 - Non-Permian Case Studies & Issues

Session Chair:

Mark Kidder, ALL Consulting


Challenges of Produced Water Reuse in Non-Permian, US Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Operations, Rick McCurdy, RMc3 Consulting

Prescriptive Optimization Analytics for Produced Water Management, Markus Drouven, Exenity

Evaporation Reinvented: Droplet Dry Aerosol Control, Robert Ballantyne, RWI Enhanced Evaporation

Strand 2: Conventional/Regional

Session 2 - Waterflood Optimization

Session Chair:

James Robinson, Oxidane Engineering


When a Long Term Field Test sheds light on the Limits and Strengths of the NSF-Technology, Martin Datler, OMV

Flow Study in Nutshell Filters: Experimental and Numerical Investigation, Mazdak Parsi, NOV

Beneficial Reuse of Flare Gas for Heavy Oil Produced Water Treatment, Earl Jones, Heartland Water Technology

Strand 3: Innovation

Session 2 - Beneficial Use & Minerals Recovery

Session Chair:

Tom Pankratz, Water Desalination Report


Simultaneous Recovery of Ammonium, Potassium and Magnesium from Produced Water by Struvite Precipitation, Yanyan Zhang, New Mexico State University

Full Recovery Desalination for Produced Water, Paul Wallace, Enviro Water Minerals

Produced Water Resource Recovery and Economics: Reducing Disposal Volumes, Risks, and Recovering Chemicals, Ben Sparrow, Saltworks




Strand 1: Unconventional

Session 3 - Texas and New Mexico Issues: Disposal, Reuse, Seismicity and Permitting

Laura Capper, EnergyMakers


Bill Godsey, Geo Logic Environmental Services
Mike Hightower, University of New Mexico
John Hicks, Scott Douglass & McConnico LLP

Strand 2: Conventional/Regional

Session 3 - Decision Matrices for Recycling & Reuse

Session Chair:

Mark Wolf, NOV


Optionality is the Key, Jill Cooper, Geosyntec

Produced Water Treatment and Reuse: Innovative Technologies & Decision Support Tool, Pei Xu, New Mexico State

Produced Water Reuse/Recycling and Carbon Footprint, Mark Patton, Hydrozonix

Strand 3: Innovation

Session 3 - Innovations in Advanced Produced Water Treatment 2

Session Chair:

Steve Anderson, Kinder Morgan


Comparison of Advanced Water Technologies, Chip Westaby, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

Understanding Adsorption Fouling of Ceramic Membranes During PW Treatment, Sandra Medina, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

The Use of a Biochelant to Improve Injectivity and Production, Tom Swanson, Solugen


Roundtables Session

This session will last for 75 minutes and features 3 rotations, each lasting 25 minutes. During each rotation, Roundtable hosts will present to different groups of attendees who have chosen the table in advance.

Please note these are preliminary and may be subject to change.

  1. Fit-for-purpose produced water treatment, Steve Coffee, Exterran
  2. Predicting Drilling Programs via Pre-Permit Notices, Josh Adler, Sourcewater
  3. Produced/Flow-back Water Recycling/Storage/Evaporation Ponds, Neil Nowak, SCS Engineers
  4. Dynamic Optical Fluid Imaging of Produced Water in the Nano Range, Steve Bowen, Fluid Imaging Technologies
  5. Detection of Single Ring Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Produced Water Using Deep UV Fluorescence, Connor Douglas, PACLP
  6. Scale Control via Encapsulated Scale Inhibitor, Sam Toscano, SUEZ WTS
  7. Solvent-Induced Crystallization to Treat High-Scaling Propensity Produced Waters, Jon Czas, SIP Solutions, Columbia University
  8. Oil in Produced Water: Acoustic Analyzer Advantage, Steve Stodulski, Galvanic
  9. Removal of Dissolved Water Soluble Organics WSO’s Like BTEX, VOC’s and Other SVOC Organics to PPB Levels From Produced Water With VC SORB Technology, Hari Parthasarathy, WP&E Technologies and Solutions
  10. The Oxidation of H2S by Various Oxidants, Greg Simpson, Pureline
  11. Evaluating the Effect of Buoyancy Based Membrane Filtration (BBMF) on Produced Water, Melanie McClare, Swirltex
  12. TUBI’s Mobile HDPE Pipe Extrusion Technology, Wes Long, TUBI
  13. The critical impact of today’s shale play produced water management, Camp Fuller, Exterran
  14. Where Do Your Produced Water Solids Go?  A Study of Best Management for Produced Water Solids, Paul Englram, AGT Water Systems
  15. Microbial Induced Corrosion, Adam Garland, Water Lens
  16. Deoiling Saline Oil-water Emulsions by Porous and Salt-rejecting Membranes, Charifa Hejase, Michigan State University
  17. Produced Water Treatment with Potassium and Sodium Permanganate, John Sanders, Carus
  18. The Roles of Various Oxidants, Coagulants and Flocculants on Removal of Dissolved Iron and TSS from Oilfield Produced Water, Zack Li, Pureline
  19. Optimized Microbial Control In Produced Waters Via Treatment Combinations And Precision Analytics, Chad Collier, Remote Water Solutions
  20. Dark Skies Initiative, Bill Wren, University of Texas, McDonald Observatory
  21. Sensors for Water Quality: IoT and power supply, Andreas Fornwald, Ward Howell International
  22. Title TBC, Matthew Goysich, MYCELX
  23. Water Quality – A Review of the Impacts on Waterfloods, Disposal and Production, Patty DuBois, DuBois Consultants

Cocktail Hour