Produced Water Society Board

Produced Water Society Board

The mission of the Produced Water Society is to improve produced water management to the benefit of the environment and the industry by fostering dynamic discussions and opportunities for water professionals to learn from one another at our live events, luncheons, and growing online community. The Produced Water Society holds technical events near key areas of production activity around the world. The aim of our seminars, conferences, and training events is to enhance the knowledge base and best practices in order to improve the overall management and understanding of water issues in the oil and gas industry. We do this by delivering highly relevant content and networking opportunities at our three annual events.

The Society meets every year for its Annual Seminar, where technical presentations, panel discussions, and trainings take place to deliver on our commitment to the industry. As PWS has continued to grow, we now hold regionally focused meetings in Midland for Permian Basin operations and in Global Cooperation Council countries for Middle East operations.

President of the Board

Lisa Henthorne

President of the Board | CTO and Senior Vice President, Water Standard

Board Members

Brent Halldorson

Chief Technology Officer, Fountain Quail Energy Services

Chip Westaby

International Industrial Sales Manager, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc

Hani Al Khalifa

Senior Operations Advisor, Saudi Aramco

John R. Durand

President, XRI Holdings LLC Emeritus Advisor

Morris Hoagland

Director, Jade Dragon

Robert Bruant

Product Director, B3 Insight

Steve Coffee

Director, Market Development, Exterran

Tom Pankratz

Editor, Water Desalination Report

Zachary Roesch

Treasurer and Secretary, Produced Water Society Board