Abstract should be 200-600 words long and not be commercial or mention trade names. It should include the speaker’s name, the representative company or companies, and a presentation title. Topics can include a wide range of areas as they relate to produced water and unconventional/shale plays.

Some suggested topics include:

Automating “smart” transfer equipment
Best Practices
Brackish water versus freshwater
Case Studies
Characterization of oil/water/gas for treatment
Chemical treating & Corrosion
Corrosion Issues
Cost Reduction Opportunities
Creating synthetic diesel from wellhead gas
Design Optimization
Downhole considerations
Emerging treatment trends in Permian
Fundamentals of Produced Water Treatment
Incentivizing Water Recycling
Induced Seismicity – a concern for the Permian?
IoT and Monitoring
Managing Bacteria
Managing evaporation in pits
Managing H2S
Managing NORM solids
New & Developing Technologies
Operational Challenges
Performance Metrics
Permian Disposal Considerations
Pit fluid management
Produced Water Reuse & Recycling
Produced Water Treatment Case Studies
Public-Private Partnerships for water infrastructure
Secondary Recovery
Sustainable Water Management
Trends in Permian Containment
Water Disposal Challenges & Solutions
Water Handling Goes Midstream