How to Submit your Abstract

The Produced Water Society Seminar is the longest-standing and most highly regarded technical conference serving the produced water management industry. The event covers both conventional and unconventional, and onshore and offshore operations. We welcome all abstracts but are particularly interested in papers that address the following topics:

• Membrane filtration for PW applications
• Advancements in Deaeration: economics, design, performance
• Desalination at high salinity waters: technology, techno-economics, case studies
• ZLD systems including techno-economics for shale
• Beneficial reuse: boron, plant tolerances, non-food crops, stream augmentation
• Offshore PW treatment : challenges and solutions
• R&D programs and projects: Federal, State, NGO, producer funded programs
• Subsurface chemistry & morphology impact on produced water characteristics
• PWRI: produced water reinjection – how clean is clean?
• Fundamentals of disposal injection
• Optimizing the produced water treatment / disposal formation system
• New chemistries for iron chelation
• New chemistries and treatment strategies for biocide
• Optimizing and integrating biocide / bacterial monitoring
• Midstream water operations: challenges and solutions
• Regional Operators focus: US
• Regional Operators focus: Middle East & Asia
• Regional Operators focus: Canada & Europe
• Regional Operators focus: S. America/Africa
• Markets and finance
• ESG-related topics

Priority is given to papers that are presented by, or co-presented with, operators. Papers should be data-driven, and avoid commercial content. Abstracts should be approximately 500 words in length – full details on the content and formatting of your abstract are given in the submission form below.

If you have any questions please contact Dan Yates at