2019 Roundtables


This session will last for 75 minutes and features 3 rotations, each lasting 20 minutes. This is a great opportunity for focused group presentations and discussions and highly engaging interaction with experts.

Optimizing Produced Water Pond Management & Water Quality Maintenance Using Advanced Aeration in the Permian Basin – Jay Keener, Blackbuck Resources

Biological Audit and Microbial Control Design for Produced Water in the Permian – Joseph Moore, Dupont

Produced Water Treatment Challenges for Water Flooding Operation – Janjeev Jakhete, Aqua Pulsar

Point of Value Project Lessons: What will it take to eliminate the paper field ticket? – Rana Basu, Ondiflo

Moving Beyond Induced Seismicity in the Permian—Water Solutions for the Future – James Lawrence, SCS Engineers

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lined Produced/Flow-Back Water Storage/Evaporation Ponds – Neil Nowak, SCS Engineers

Finding Value in Produce Water Data to Unlock Synergies in Produced Water Utilization – Jose Ortega, Terra OFS

Closed Loop Automation Delivers Cost Savings and Unmatched Efficiency in Water Management – Amy Dwyer, Tetra Technologies

Upgraded Lighting Practices in the Oil and Gas Industry Help to Protect the Night Skies at McDonald Observatory and Improve Visibility in the Field – Bill Wren, UT McDonald Observatory

The Corrosivity of Produced Water, Untreated and Treated with ClO2, and its Inhibition – Greg Simpson, Pureline

Water Impoundments:  Best Management Practices Required to Extend their Usable Life – Gavin James, All Consulting

The Pros and Cons of Non-oxidizing and Oxidizing Biocides for Biological Control of Frac Fluids – Zack Li, Pureline

Recycling Produced & Flowback Wastewater for Fracking – Eli Gruber, Exologix

Exponential Cost Savings by Combined Advanced Technologies – Erik Waters, SitePro

Innovative Water Analysis – Chip Westaby, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

Agriculture: The New Produced Water Solution – Marvin Nash, Encore Green Environmental

The Future of the Produced Water Society – Lisa Henthorne & Steve Coffee, Produced Water Society

Follow up to U.S. EPA Produced Water Study – Jesse PrittsU.S. EPA

Black H2O Remediation – Barry Young & Chris Hanie, Alpha Omega Resources