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Opening Ceremony


Keynote Address


Session 1: Optimizing Desalters for Produced Water Reuse

Chairs: Hani Al-Khalifa, Saudi Aramco & Dr. Cheng Chen, Chevron

Expanding Usage of Treated Produced Water – Providing Solutions for Crude Desalters
Lisa Henthorne, Water Standard

New Process Scheme for Treatment and Reuse of Desalter Effluent
Vilas S. Koleshwar, Aramco & Diego Carrasco Torrecilla, Mouloud HendouVeolia Water


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Session 2: Case Studies: Oil Removal and Recovery

Chairs: Dr. Yasemeen Al-Lawati, Institute for Advanced Technology Integration & Steve Coffee, Enerscope Systems

Which Deoiling Technologies to Choose for Upstream Oil and Gas Applications? A Multi-Criteria Approach
Camille Sagne, Michael Cavill, Suez

Case Study: A Technical Audit of the Nutshell Filters at Effluent Water Disposal Plants EWDPs
Imad A. Al-Maheimid, Ahmad K. AL-Jasmi, KOC

Water Management using constructed Surface Flow Wetland system in ASP flooding projects
Saada Al-Shukaili, Mahendran Srinivasan, Muhammad Nadeem, Shahid Qayum, Talib Al-Kindi, PDO & Stephane Prigent, Bauer Nimr


Networking Lunch & Exhibition


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Session 3: New Process Solutions for Daily Operations

Chairs: Lisa Henthorne, Water Standard & Dr. Mouloud Hendou, Veolia Oil & Gas

Clathrate desalination method applied to Produced Waters: Methodology & Results
Baldoni-Andrey, Nabet, Jacob, Pédenaud, Glenat, Le Melinaire, Mottet, Total & BGH

Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration Demonstrates Performance for Produced Water Reuse
Cheng Chen, Chevron & Chris Catalanotto, Andrea Larson, Siemens

Case Study- CPI system at Qarn Alam
Saada Al-Shukaili, PDO & Adil Shaikh, Suez



Coffee Break & Exhibition 


Roundtables Session 1

  1. Development of a Spectroscopic Technique for Continuous On-Line Monitoring of Light Oils in Produced Water
    Jeyan Sreekumar, Advanced Sensors
  2. Water Balance Optimization at an Enhanced Oil Recovery Facility
    Devesh Mittal, Aquatech
  3. Oxygen Removal in Offshore Water Injection: Comparison Between Vacuum Degassing and Membrane Deaeration Technologies
    S. De Maria, W. Tina, A. Liati, I. Saracino, Artes Ingegneria S.p.A.
  4. Traditional Is Expensive
    Todd Kirk, Exterran
  5. Integrated PWT Debottlenecking & Retrofitting
    Jeroen Bergman, Frames
  6. Carrier Gas Extraction for Oil field Water management
    Prakash Govindan, Gradiant Corporation
  7. Next Generation Compact Flotation Unit for Produced Water Treatment
    Matteo Chiesa, Rune G. Nilsen, Joern Folkvang, Masdar Institute of Science & Technology & Stauper Offshore
  8. Securing Today’s Water for Tomorrows Production: Cost effective water treatment for EOR – a global perspective
    Matthew Goysich, MyCelx
  9. Pure Pack – Produced Water Treatment
    Kyle Jenkins, Pentair
  10. Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Enhances Oil Recovery and Suspended Solids Removal from Produced Water
    Zack Li, Pureline
  11. The Use of Oil Removal Media to Treat Produced Water from Polymer Flooding for Re-Injection
    Chris Catalanotto, Siemens
  12. Quick Laboratory Analysis of Gas Condensate in Produced Water
    Chip Westaby, Turner Designs
  13. Low Frequency Electromagnetic Treatment of Produced Water For Reuse in Agriculture: Effect on Water Quality, Germination, and Plant Growth
    Emily Sappington, The University of Houston
  14. Mercury Removal by Macro Porous Polymer Extraction
    Jeroen Boom, Veolia Water Solutions
  15. Improving Effluent Water Quality, Debottlenecking, and Reducing OPEX with Brownfield
    Implementation of Modified Nutshell Media
    Jay Keener, Xedia Process Solutions


Roundtables Session 2

  1. Setting New Standards in Produced Water Treatment
    Eryl Edwards and Kay Gunther Gabriel, BESIX & CERAFILTEC
  2. Monitoring Oil & Solids in Produced Water through Dynamic Imaging Technology
    Alan O’Donoghue, Canty
  3. Industrial Scale Field Demonstration of Ceramic Membrane based Produced Water Treatment System
    Nakamura, Kato, Minami, Shinohara, Mima, Ishikawa, Chiyoda, Metawater, Inpex
  4. Resin and Other Technologies for Removal of Oil from Refinery Oily Wastewater
    Das, Jove, Gomez, Molina, Tejero, Goltz, Villa, Dow Chemical Ibérica
  5. High Salinity Produced Water Treatment by Nanofiltration Membranes
    S. Das, E. Jove, V. Gomez, V. Garcia Molina, Felipe Pinto, Dow Chemical Ibérica
  6. Advanced Produced Water Treatment Processes for Thermal Heavy Oil Production
    Louie Ponzani, Eco-Tec
  7. Improving Conventional Flotation Methods to Treat EOR Polymer Rich Produced Water
    Frank Richerand, EnviroTech
  8. Data Based Designs: A Water Treatment Plant – Lessons Learnt
    Ariaratnam. G, Bhola. N, Roth. N, Jorin
  9. Continuous Fine Filtration of Produced Water by Innovative Backwash Filter Design
    Stefan Strasser, Lenzing
  10. Predicting and Managing Inorganic Scale Associated With Produced Water from EOR Projects
    Myles Jordan, Nalco Champion
  11. Desanding: the Vital Link in Produced Water Treatment
    Zafar Jaral & Steve Coffee, Nexen & Enerscope
  12. Closing the Cycle: Optimizing Produced Water Management Through Efficient Reuse Treatment
    Leo Traub, Origin Clear
  13. Innovative Commercial and Technical Solutions for CSG Produced Water Treatment Project
    Hiep Le, Osmoflow
  14. Case Studies from US, Middle East and China of Reusing 100 % Produced Water for Fracturing
    Rajendra Ghimire, PRRO Water
  15. Nanoflotation – Using EDL Collapse to Increase the Efficiency of Flotation and Submerged Membrane Filtration in Oil and Gas Water Treatment
    McEachern, Preston, David Bromley, Purlucid & David Bromley Engineering 


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Gala Dinner

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