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Session 4: Case Studies: Results in Water Reuse

Chairs: Saada Al-Shukaili, Petroleum Development Oman & Imad Al-Maheimid, Kuwait Oil Company

Case Study: Laggan & Tormore Gas Plant: 18 Months of Operation Results of a New Produced Water Treatment
Patrick Baldoni-Andrey, Total & Cathy Fuchs, Suez

Water Treatment Challenges with Solids Deposition To Meet BFW Spec Using Reject Streams From Municipality Sewage Plant- Kuwait
Emily Sappington, The University of Houston


Coffee Break & Exhibition


Session 5: Media Filters and Flotation Systems

Chairs: Sayed Farahat, Occidental Oman & Sayed Mohammed Mustafa, Kuwait Oil Company

A Successful Field Demonstration of Removing Oil in Water by A Novel Regenerable Media
Saada Al-Shukaili, Petroleum Development Oman & Caleb Smathers, ProSep

Application of Flotation for Removing Fine Particles From Iron-Containing Produced Water
Nattawin Chawaloesphonsiya, PTTEP



Roundtables Session 3

  1. Case Study: Higher Efficiency Desanders Offer Affordable Protection
    Steve Coffee, Enerscope
  2. Designing a Cost-Effective Scale Management Program to Enable Re-Cycling of Produced Water, Using an Exceptional Polymeric Scale Inhibitor
    Richard Barwell, BWA Water Additives
  3. The Concept of Smart Water Discharge (SWD), The Next Revolution in Produced Water Treatment
    Frank Richerand, EnviroTech
  4. Membrane Compatibility – the Trouble of Hydraulic Fracturing Biocides Dosing for Drilling Water Preparation
    Xiaofei Huang, Hydranautics
  5. Elucidating the Role of Surfactants on Ceramic Membrane Fouling during Produced Water Treatment
    Sandra Medina, KAUST
  6. Chemical Cleaning on Closed Cooling Water System Tube Bundles(CCW) in Gas Power Plant by Preservation Method
    Farshid Mandanifar, MAPNA Group
  7. Beneficial Reuse of Produced Water – Field Experience and Installation Update
    Supriyo Das, DOW
  8. Production Fluids Recycling: Clean Brine + Biocide in a Single Step
    Michael Havelka, Matrix Energy
  9. Increased Throughput Through Optimization of Mature Assets
    Deepak Mehra, NOV
  10. The Digital Oilfield and Automated Water Transfer and Supply Systems
    John Siewenie, PureLine Treatment Systems
  11. Intelligent Water Management in Unconventional Plays
    Rasel Hossain, Stantec Consulting
  12. Advances in Modern Produced Water Utilization for Economical Completion Designs
    Branden Ruyle, Weatherford


Closing Discussion




Workshop: Optimizing Produced Water Injection Systems

Chair: Hani Al-Khalifa, Saudi Aramco

This half day workshop will provide hands on experience in how to analyze and improve produced water reinjection systems from treatment to injection wells.

The workshop will provide expert insight into:

  • Integrated methodology for analyzing and optimizing injection systems
  • Balancing energy efficiency and system capacity
  • Surface and Subsurface issues
  • Centrifugal pumps and their behavior
  • Debottlenecking of produced water injection systems with minimum investment
  • Excel based simulation techniques and calculation tools


Young Professionals Networking Drinks